Protecting the Environment

Metro Vancouver and its member municipalities are responsible for long-term planning and disposal of the waste generated by residents and businesses in the region, guided by our sustainability principles and a commitment to the environmental integrity and livability of the region. Managing the waste system needs to be both responsive to our citizen’s expectations of high environmental stewardship and affordable.

More about the Issue

Abandoned Waste – Letter to Minister of Environment Re: Mattress and Bulky Furniture Extended Producer Responsibility - 2016 Waste Composition Monitoring Program Report



If elected, will your party commit to working with Metro Vancouver and industry to expand provincial EPR programs to include mattresses, furniture, and other large, bulky items by 2018?

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    One of the most pressing waste management issues faced by local governments in British Columbia today is the illegal dumping of larger household items such as mattresses, bedframes and larger furniture items, none of which are included in any of BC's nationally recognized product stewardship programs that mandate the collection and recycling of designated products by industry. This not only blemishes neighbourhoods and produces potential public hazards, it also burdens local governments with significant incremental costs to dispose of the hazard, costs that are eventually passed on to residents and businesses alike.

  • Green Party

    BC Greens would make this commitment. Greens support the concept that producers should be fully responsible for their products. Greens would also review all EPR programs to address concerns from retailers that the programs put unfair burdens on the retail sector.

  • BC Liberals

    BC is a recognized leader for EPR programs across North America, with the most extensive series of established program operating in a well-respected, results-based approach. Today’s BC Liberals will maintain the leadership position we have earned and continue to expand our EPR programs. Furniture, including mattresses and sofas, is certainly one area we could consider for future growth.

    Local government engagement in EPR is fundamental to the success of the program. If re-elected, Today’s BC Liberals will continue to engage directly with Metro Vancouver to strengthen our current programs and to focus on future opportunities for EPR.

  • NDP

    A BC NDP government would build stronger relationships with municipalities and work with them on shared areas of concern, including issues such as recycling regulations.