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Efficient and affordable transportation systems are critical for the regional movement of goods and people, and directly link both economic and livability objectives that are strongly supported by both the Provincial and local governments in the Metro Vancouver region. To help achieve those objectives, local governments require predictable and stable sources of funding, and a stronger link between regional land-use and regional transportation plans and objectives.

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Mayor’s council Mayor’s 10 year vision for Transportation in the region



Metro Vancouver residents say traffic congestion and better transit are two of the most important issues facing the region - only just behind housing affordability. That is why in 2014, the TransLink Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation developed their 10-Year Vision for Transit and Transportation in Metro Vancouver, to keep the region moving as we welcome an additional one million new residents over the next 30 years. In January 2017, the Mayors' Council launched the first of the new transit service and road improvements approved in the first phase of the 10-Year Vision - getting around Metro Vancouver will start getting easier with these.

The region's focus must now turns to delivering the remainder of the 10-Year Vision, starting with the Phase Two Plan. While Phase One Plan is a first step to reduce current overcrowding and congestion, Phase Two will enable TransLink to expand and improve the region's transportation network to meet the demands of our growing population, including new bus and SkyTrain service, the Millennium Line Broadway Extension and the Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT projects, the replacement of the Pattullo Bridge, and addressing key traffic bottlenecks across the region.

Public feedback on the 10-Year Vision has been clear: residents of Metro Vancouver support the plan and want to see the provincial government take stronger action to continue reducing road congestion and improving our transit system. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make significant improvements to our local transportation network, at a lower cost to regional taxpayers, thanks to the availability of additional federal funding. A funding commitment from the provincial government must be secured for Phase Two as quickly as possible after the election in order to keep the 10-Year Vision on schedule. TransLink is ready to proceed with Phase Two and the next wave of transit and road improvements - we are waiting for the provincial government to commit to the Plan and move forward together, starting on May 10.

If elected, what specifically will your party do to help TransLink and the Mayors' Council deliver Phase Two of the 10-Year Vision for Transit and Transportation in Metro Vancouver, and how quickly do you foresee Phase Two proceeding?