‚ÄčOn March 1, Metro Vancouver sent letters to each of the four main political parties in BC with the seven questions you will see on this website, with a requested response deadline of March 31.

 Letter to Greens of BC


  • Affordable Housing

    If elected, what specifically will your party do to support an expanded inventory of affordable rental housing options for Metro Vancouver region?

    BC Greens believe that an opportunity has been missed to address housing affordability in Metro Vancouver. The rapid rise in Metro Vancouver property values created a windfall of Property Transfer Tax revenues from Metro Vancouver. All of this windfall should have been returned to the Metro Vancouver region to address housing affordability. BC Greens commit to this in future.

    If elected, what specifically will your party do to support the recommendations included in the Regional Homelessness Task Force Position Paper?

    Metro Vancouver is to be commended for producing this excellent report documenting the homelessness problem in Metro Vancouver. BC Greens have many proposals for addressing the root causes of poverty and homelessness. These will be announced in our platform when it is released.

  • Building Better Transit

    If elected, what specifically will your party do to help TransLink and the Mayors' Council deliver Phase Two of the 10-Year Vision for Transit and Transportation in Metro Vancouver, and how quickly do you foresee Phase Two proceeding?

    A BC Green government would commit to the 10 year vision for Metro Vancouver transportation at 33% funding, immediately on forming government. We would consider increasing the provincial share if the plan includes strategies to improve housing affordability by addressing zoning for more density tied into transit infrastructure.

    A BC Green government would work with the region to develop a rational mobility pricing plan to manage congestion; to amortize the cost of the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges; and to finance the regional share of the 10 year plan.

    A BC Green government would immediately suspend work on the George Massey tunnel replacement pending a comprehensive and transparent review of the project, taking into account alternatives and the priorities of the region.

  • Protecting the Environment

    If elected, will your party commit to working with Metro Vancouver and industry to expand provincial EPR programs to include mattresses, furniture, and other large, bulky items by 2018?

    BC Greens would make this commitment. Greens support the concept that producers should be fully responsible for their products. Greens would also review all EPR programs to address concerns from retailers that the programs put unfair burdens on the retail sector.

  • Working with Metro Vancouver

    If elected, will your party be willing to strike an ad-hoc Committee comprising members of Cabinet and elected officials from Metro Vancouver that would meet regularly to discuss issues of common concern?

    We have observed that the relationship between Metro Vancouver and the province has been dysfunctional, particularly on issues such as transportation. A BC Green government would work very hard to improve the working relationship. A BC Green government would be prepared to discuss such a committee or perhaps assigning a designated Parliamentary Secretary to liaise with Metro Vancouver.

    If elected, how will your party commit to providing long-term, sustainable funding to Metro Vancouver for large capital projects such as upgrades to the Lions Gate and Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plants, which under federal regulation must be completed by 2020 and 2030 respectively and that combined will cost in excess of $1.7 billion?

    A BC Green government would provide at least 33% funding for infrastructure projects shared with the federal and local governments. We would give special consideration on a case by case basis for projects of special importance to the province.

    If elected, will your party commit to supporting changes to the Home Owner Grant program that provide a fairer and more equitable property taxation system in BC, and if so, how?

    BC Greens believe the home owner grant program needs to be examined in the context of broader reform of the tax system. It was introduced in a different age and has to be constantly patched up to address changes in the market. In the short term, a BC Green government would adjust the program to make it more fair. In the longer term we would undertake a major review of the property tax system, collaboratively with local and regional governments and with the public, to develop a modern, streamlined and equitable system for funding regional and municipal governments.